Terms of use

This agreement is between the customer and VPNLY, regarding VPN service, related services and functions. This service is NOT intended to assist in the commission of unlawful acts. It is a service that provides anonymity and privacy. You agree not to violate any laws of your country or the one where you are currently. You agree to protect your login/password and our system from unauthorized use, undertake not to spread your account in public access and not share it with third parties. You are responsible for all actions taking place in our system using your login and password.

You agree not to use the system to send spam, scan ports, scan for open proxies or open relays, send out opt-in, unsolicited e-mail and some other mass email distribution, even if it eventually happens from another server. You agree not to attack make any attacks in any form on other computers or the network during your stay in our service.

The actual service coverage area, its speed, location and quality may differ. Service strives to be available constantly, except for limited periods required for maintenance and fixing. Nevertheless, the service may not be accessible to the user under the influence of many factors beyond our control, such as emergencies, disturbances in the operation of third-party services, data transfer problems, equipment or network problems or deficiencies, interference, signal strength, etc., and therefore, the service can be interrupted, limited or terminated. We are not responsible for the loss of data, messages or pages that have not been delivered, have been canceled or misdirected due to service outages or problems with the performance of the service, communication services or network (for example, T-1 or Internet). At our discretion, we can impose restrictions on the use of the service as a whole or its individual services, suspend the operation of the service or block certain methods of using it to protect our users or service. The connection speed is approximate and does not characterize the speed with which the Service receives or sends data. The actual speed will be determined by the configuration, compression, network load and other factors. Accuracy and timeliness of the received data are not guaranteed, delays and gaps are possible.

Computer hacking, virus propagation, fraudulent activities, network attacks, phishing and/or any other actions deemed illegal or undesirable should be stopped or terminated. Users are responsible for the proper security parameters of their services, and are also responsible for any damage caused by their carelessness or the creation of potentially dangerous situations, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

It is the full text of the agreement. From time to time, we can publish new rules of service, which will become mandatory. It is the responsibility of the user to periodically visit this section and get acquainted with the innovations.

Subscription Policy

If you activate the subscription function, you will automatically be charged every 30 days, depending on the validity period of the selected plan. To cancel automatic payment, just contact our support with a short notice of cancellation, but not less than 24 h before the regular date. Your card will be debited upon completing your order. The service will become available once payment is cleared.