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When you are abroad and want to visit local content, a VPN is your reliable helper. Feel at home wherever you are. And remember, on public Wi-Fi networks without a VPN, your privacy is at risk: using a VPN is essential to protect your information, such as credit card details, passwords or browsing history.

Support for the most popular browsers

When choosing a VPN service, it is important to focus on several items: number of servers, users’ reviews and functions of the particular service. To avoid difficulties with the usage, it’s better to download software, suitable for all the most popular browsers. VPNLY is one of such services. The developers try to create a product, which will be suitable for all users without exception. All you need to do — is to download and install the software in a particular browser.

Free VPN add-ons for any Browser

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Yandex browser

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VPN extension for Chrome

If you need a free VPN Chrome extension, you’d better use a third-party program rather than standard browser extensions. Although the VPNLY Chrome extension can be downloaded for free, it is not worse than other well-known products in terms of the number of servers and variety of functions.

Free VPN extension for Yandex browser

Yandex browser is even more popular than Google Chrome in some countries, so the developers of VPNLY decided to create a free VPN Yandex extension. After free download and installation, the user will get access to the fast servers abroad. Also, this VPN Yandex browser extension is developed in such a way that even the beginner will handle installation and further usage.

VPN extension for Firefox

Free VPN Mozilla extension is also recommended for those who prefer to use Mozilla Firefox browser. The service can be downloaded both for computers and mobile devices, and after turning the VPN Mozilla extension on the page will be loaded very fast due to the servers abroad.

The best VPN for all devices

Looking for a free service for PC and Android at a time? Then our reliable partner PlanetVPN will definitely be the right choice for you. This service has a huge functional part, provides all the needs for making your presence online private and secure. The main features:

Benefits of a full-featured VPN from PLANET VPN

  • Free 5 countries unlimited
  • Fast servers
  • Proxy browser extensions
  • No encryption
  • Technical support by email
  • Supports any device and OS
  • Full-featured VPN, encrypted connection
  • Free 5 locations, over 60 countries with premium subscription
  • No traffic or speed limit for free locations
  • No registration required
  • Max speeds
  • Support for routers and third-party VPN clients
  • Up to 10 devices under one subscription
  • Technical support via chat or email
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PlanetVPN will provide free VPN for your PC or mobile devices on par with the other paid software.

Protect yourself, your personal data and finances using the services of our reliable partner - PLANET VPN

Planet VPN

A VPN is a powerful resource that can defend your digital privacy and safety. It encrypts your web traffic and sends it through a detached server, making it hard for anyone to track or observe your online activities. Although there are lots of paid VPN services obtainable, there are also some free VPN extensions for browsers that you can use. In this article, we will investigate some of the ways you can benefit from a free VPN extension for browsers.

  1. Access local content from abroad. One of the most typical uses for a VPN extension is to keep using websites and view content that is away from your physical location. For example, if you are travelling abroad, study or work remotely.
  2. Protect your online privacy. By encrypting your internet traffic and making it more difficult for others to eavesdrop on your actions, a VPN plugin can help preserve your online privacy. This is especially useful while utilizing public Wi-Fi networks, which are frequently unsecured and vulnerable to hacking.
  3. Avoid using online tracking. Many websites and advertisers use tracking cookies and other techniques to track your online activities and serve tailored adverts to you. You may assist preserve your privacy by preventing these tracking methods and making it more difficult for advertisers to trace your online movements by utilizing a VPN plugin.
  4. Increase your online security. Your online security can be enhanced while your privacy is preserved with the assistance of our complimentary VPN extension. Because VPNs encrypt your internet traffic, it's more difficult for hackers to steal or misuse your personal information.

In general, employing a free VPN browser extension can offer several advantages. By utilizing it, one can feel free online, protect online privacy, block monitoring, and bolster online security.